Manolis Bardanis

Arado 196 WW2

Arado German seaplane from WW2

…Sometime between May – October 1982, the Piraeus-registered fishing boat “ROBINSON”, NP1377, commanded by Naxian captain Sarantis Economou (†2003), snagged its drag net on the wreck of a German seaplane at a approximately 36° 49’N, 25° 22’E. This unbelievable “catch” occurred at a depth of 50 fathoms (~91m), north-northeast of Ios island, heading towards to Heraclea. In order to avoid snagging the wreck again, they towed it to the nearest protected bay at Alimia, at island of Heraclea….read more (5,56 .pdf file).

One more article written by Lino von Gartzen in German language is also available… read more (1,59 Mb .pdf file)

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