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Manolis Bardanis, born in 1968 in Apeiranthos, Naxos, embodies a profound passion for the underwater world and a wealth of expertise in diving. As a professional diver and Master Scuba, Free, and TEC diving instructor accredited by PADI, SSI, and CMAS, Manolis has dedicated over three decades to diving activities and training. His commitment is reflected in having trained over 1,000 new divers and led underwater excursions for more than 4,000 certified divers.

Beyond his diving achievements, Manolis is a multifaceted individual with a degree in meteorology and architecture. His intellectual curiosity extends to historical research, particularly in marine organisms, shells, and marine mammals. He co-founded the Natural History Museum in Apeiranthos, Naxos, in collaboration with Manolis Glezos (†2020), focusing on the exploration and historical research of shipwrecks during World War II in Naxos.

Manolis Bardanis is widely respected within the diving community for his deep knowledge, research contributions, and dedication to marine conservation and exploration. His pioneering spirit continues to inspire and guide Naxos Diving towards excellence in commercial diving services.


Our diving center (Naxosdiving) was founded in 2005 . From 2018 we made a difference in scuba and free diving after training divers in other areas outside our base (Naxos) .

Since 2022, our diving center on the beautiful island of Naxos has shifted its focus exclusively to providing top-tier commercial diving services. Leveraging years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, we cater to a wide range of industrial and professional diving needs, ensuring safety, precision, and reliability in every project.

Another aim of our activation and this website, is to collect and provide as much information about historical wrecks and diving sites, off coast of Naxos, Paros and the Small Cyclades islands which you can find them in the archive section of our webpage.

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Manolis Bardanis

CEO Founder - Professional diver-Master Instructor
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Assistant commercial diver/ Instructor
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Alex Kontopoulos

Assistant commercial Diver - Instructor